What Left Unwritten Will Be Vanished.

That was the words told by my friend’s father, Mr.K as well as Mr. A. Hmm. Correct or not, that is the main idea what’ve gotten on my mind.

I had a blog, on blogspot.. soooo many years ago,, 2002; I presumed, but then there was something wrong for me, and I was forced (by myself ^^), to closed my own Blog.

The thing that always kept me procrastinating myself to start writing again is…Me, myself.

Well, honestly my fear is everything!

First I kept bubbling with my very own mouth, and I am sure person like that (Me, in this case), will never have good ability to write.

Second, I have a fear whether my writing will good or bad, meaning that, I don’t want my writing just become another place for someone’s place to shout their sadness, to tell the world that he/she might have just ended a relationship, or just failing to pursue their own dream, so forth. I want to make something useful for other. I want; if I can, someone or anyone, can read what I have written, and then said “Voila”, this is it,, it is the one. Or maybe, “eureka!!”, I need this advice.

Anyhow, for all the thing I’ve told you earlier in this first writing (the newest blog^^),

I WANT TO BE HEARD, I WANT TO SHARE MY THOUGHT, MY IDEA, MY OPINION, MY ADVISE.  Just like other human being want to do.

I am not really sure, whether this blog will last or not.. (I hope it does ^^)

I choose English as language here, as well as Indonesian Language and Javanese Language.

Thank you| Terima kasih| Matur nuwun

July 3, 2012 ~1413 Dormitory 1~

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