White, Black, Yellow and Brown.

Seeing human being clash each other

To seek peace and love no longer

But, it’s not impossible if we try harder

Cherish the harmony for us with no border

Is it our fault made all of this happen?

Hatred and vengeance become sharpened?

Mistakes and fault cannot be forgiven?

And let our hearts forever unopened?

(and we should) Open our heart, because we are one.

One and united, no differences can crumble us down

(and we could) Open our mind, because we’re not only one.

We are white, black, yellow and brown.

*) Remember we were born from the same race.

And we will all die in the same pace.

It is our faults make all of this happen.

Not to be forgotten or be forsaken

~Room 1413, 06:04 a.m. ~

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