Lunch in Ramadhan.

[2012, August 3, Friday]
10:00 p.m : Got back from Masjid, bought some spices to make rendang.

10:15 p.m : Lisa called. She said that all of us will meet in Saturday morning before go to lunch. I told I have to do a Shaum. [Meaning that I have to restrain my lust, to eat, to drink, to do any input from my mouth, as well as sex lust start from Fajr to Maghrib]
[2012, August 3, Saturday]
00:05 a.m : Lisa called again, and she asked, “Okey, we know you can not eat. And you can drink water or tea.

00:07 a.m : Oh my, oh my, I told her clear, but they indeed have never known about someone who can’t eat or drink or put any kinds of food & beverage inside your body, especially through your mouth. I literally said that to her.

01:00 a.m.: My roomate finished make the rendang.

Most popular food in Western Indonesia

01:05 a.m: started to have my sahur this morning. First part.

03:30 a.m : My second sahur today..I had to eat faster…Shubuh will start around 4:00 a.m.

04:20 a.m : finished my Fajr Praying.

04:30 a.m : I moved my bed on the floor..I realized, that I have to wake up early. Started listening to the music..

5:40-something a.m : last clock number on my cellphone that I can memorized while I was awake. And I have to wake up this morning at 09:40

10:05 a.m : Heavily tried, to opened my eyes..but it was very difficult. Got only about 4 hrs sleep, after very exhausthing day. 7 missed calls on my phone. and I just ran away to the bathroom. Took a facial wash..harshly grrabed my bag…and ran!! On my way to the bus station, fortunately I met Wang Cun.. (she often late too..=p) And I walked with her, to the bus shelter, and met my 4 other friends. hehehe..they were late too..kkk.

10:25 a.m. : we took 100 bus to the station. Taichung Main Station.
I plugged my earphone, listen to music. Chit-chat for a while..and it was like, much longer than usually it takes from my campus, Asia University to Taichung Main Station

11:20 a.m :Arrive to the scheduled place. But unfortunately the electricity was down. And we have to take the back elevator (cargo elevator =p) to get to 10th floor.

Magic Curry

11:30 a.m : Waitresses offered us menus, and we started to order. Excluding me. Main dish in this restaurant is India-like curry.

India Curry

12:45 a.m : All dishes are finished, including the dessert.

12:50 a.m : They started to chit-chat each other. And this i would like to named as “Chinese Dining  Table Politics”. [As they started to chat, and empowered the relationship among them]

2:25 p.m : Finished all session, with saying thank you to teacher (Lao shi). We had a very nice time their. And I went back to my dormitory, with one curry. Teacher bought for me.

take away India Curry.

6:58 p.m : It’s Iftar time. Alhamdulillah. I’ve done the best I could. Insha Alloh.

ps: They appreciate for what I believe, to have Shaum in Ramadhan… And I appreciate them, because they had invited me to their event.

More ps: Only Kang-Kang and Pudding always made those jokes by saying, haa,,,hao che laa ( meaning good food= delicious), and hen hao he.. (meaning really good drink= delicious as well). It’s nice having their jokes, making me still being appreciated. ^^

More important ps: I had this conversation with deep meaning with my friend Mr. AA. In regard of “History of Ammar ibn Yasir“, one of the best Shabahah of Muhammad, Rasulallah SAW. In the end, I realized, although faith is kept between human being and God..but still we have to struggle hard to do it, no matter what, the best we could. Then, compensate it, because we’ve been granted by blessings from Allah SWT.  

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