Chinese Dining Table Politic.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Lunch in Ramadhan. I was wondering about the mechanism how Chinese people make the network. Oh, by the way, this article will be based purely on my perspective and opinion with small research on the internet. ^^.  What I do first is, googling my on title in the internet, =p. And it came out for the dining table set from China. LOL.

The story began when I accepted offers from my Lab mates to go with them. I was going to go to all-you-can-eat restaurant. It was on 8 August 2012. For your information, in China generally and also in Taiwan, this day is commemorate as father’s day. Simply because this day (8 August) almost the same as Father. Which is,, Ba ba, or you may pronounce it, Pa Pa.. but with different intonation. Hmm.. I will catch you later, perhaps, with this one. Just bear with me for a second, simply as the same Pa Pa.. ok? :p

And it was decided that we will go to the restaurant in Chang Hua district, not far from where I dwell in Taichung District. It took aroung 15-20 minutes by motorcycle (FYI, almost 90 percent motorcycle here is Automatic-scooter type) with my friend. And I can feel the freedom while I was on the seat, breathing fresh air.. *wannaDoMore.

Front Desk..

The restaurant, Shian Yeou, what I know is that yeou is “fish” in Mandarin

Fifteen minutes passed, and we arrived on that place. Seriously, I couldn’t remember the name of the place, so just stick with it. And then we came inside the restaurant. There was around 30 students there, my lab mates. They are all my Advisor’s students. My professor hadn’t arrived yet, so we took our seat. The problem occurred, not enough seats for us. There are a lot of customers there. And also the queue long as far I can imagined. After sometimes bargained with the waiter there we got our seats, although sadly we have to be separated.

The Crowd

The Crowd in the restaurant, even the monks also enjoy the food there..

Separated Fellows

Separated Fellows with their own table.. ^^

As you can imagine, with the all-you-can-eat type restaurant, there’s a lot of foods and beverages. Yes, a lot of them. The main dish is, hmm.. I am not sure in English, just see this picture. We can order the “flavor” of the soup. There’s plenty of them, I need to make sure there’s no Pork or Pig Oil involved. As a MUSLIM, I cannot eat those kind of things. After asked about the ingredient, I decided to pick seafood flavor. And the journey begins…

My main dish.

My main dish, first pick. Mutton or Lamb, and Beef.

This place is pretty awesome. They have all kind of beverages and food as I recalled. They have the appetizer such as pudding, some fruit, salads and soup. The main dish, of course we have to put our own ingredient there. I chose Lamb and Beef for the meat, some cabbage, lettuce, carrot (for my eyes :D), and also young bamboo tree.. Young bamboo tree is very famous here, as well as in my country, Indonesia. I also picked plenty fish types, from Mackerel, Tuna, Scallops, *yummy. Move on to the next one, I took my first beverages. I took warm tea. That was my strategy, because if I took the carbonated drink here, I will full first before I can fill my stomach. So I came back to my table, and pick few Guavas and Lemons.


Appetizer here.. ^^

In my table, I started to turn off the heater. My first mistake was I forgot to turn it on first, like my other friends did. So when they had come to the table, the soup already boiled. Well, I should never make that kind of mistake again ^^. Quite interesting to me was, the stove there is electric. Well, I think because of the safety reason. And you know what? Taiwanese prepares electronic handling very well. Ya, you know laa (Taiwanese-English ^^ , Taiwan also famous of its electronics appliance. While my soup being heated, I use my time to enjoy the appetizer. My appetizer was a creamy cake, yoghurt, 2 kinds of salads, few fruits, and some candies. Voila, my soup is ready. I forgot to mention that, I was not waiting for the sop to boiled before I put my ingredients there. Just simply put it, and wait until its cooked.

The taste of the lamb was marvelous, and the beef was awesome. I think beef taste better than the lamb, but as the texture and the smell Lamb is just beautiful. So overall, Lamb won! My dining table almost empty and then I started to take more food. My second strategy was, I want to taste all kind of food first. Halal one of course. So I went to the desert area. I started to take some chocolates, cake, and also few warm beverages. I took warm café late and hot chocolate. As I recall, I came back at least 3 times there, because there’s a lot to offer. I took an Ice cream, another type of creamy cake, dry-cake, another fruits. Well, I think I have tasted all kind of food and beverages there although only in a small amounts.

As my next strategy was, I can take another food or beverages with superb taste more. By walking around, I loosen my belly and also use the energy so I can take more of them. That strategy went quite well, until I found that one of my friend. Not the big and fat one, the small one, continues to eats, a lot. Darn..he has more awesome strategy. He eats slow, and low..take bite by bite, and enjoy all the food. Well okey, I must admit he is the man.. heheh..This is him.

The Man

Small body doesn’t define how good you at eating a lot of portion ^^

In the end, we took some pictures of ourselves, and also Me, taking a non-automatic-scooter motorcycle.. hihihi,, Ciao!!!! Se yaaa…

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